Glaeser, city guru: after Covid, those where people want to live (not just work) will thrive

Urban areas will recover appeal, but only those that will be cheaper and able to attract young people with a cultural and leisure offer. The talk in the Talk4Growth seminar with Accenture – Francesca Gambarini /Courier TV

Harward scholar Edward Glaeser, author of The Triumph of Cities, explains why urban areas will regain appeal after the Covid crisis, which today made them as dangerous as they have been in the past, during the terrible plague and cholera epidemics. . What will happen after the pandemic? The prices of urban areas will collapse, the “centers” will become attractive again, the demand for leisure spaces will begin to grow again. And culture will be considered even more precious, because today we know what it’s like to live without. We can expect to see more young people moving to these cheaper, innovative and rich in ideas metropolises. Which will resist? Cities where people will also want to live. Not just work. In short, for Italy it is a great opportunity. The speech on the occasion of the fourth Talk4growth of L’Economia with Accenture dedicated to Smart.The new start.


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