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What happened

On October 4, the largest social networks and messengers crashed. Users around the world, including Russia, have reported problems accessing Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram.

Error messages began to appear on the Downdetector portal at about 6:30 pm Moscow time. Social networks stopped working for several hours. Most of the complaints were related to the performance of their applications. Some users could not load social media sites, send a message or enter the messenger, some users complained about the lack of connections to the server.

According to Downdetector at 1:26 Moscow time, more than 126,000 people reported problems with Facebook, about 100,000 on Instagram, and over 35,000 on WhatsApp.

The Facebook support team said they are aware of the problems and are trying to fix them. At the same time, The New York Times correspondent Shiri Frenkel wrote on Twitter that Facebook employees cannot enter the company’s building in order to assess the scale of the disruption in the social network, because their electronic passes have stopped working. failure of the Facebook Workplace platform, which company employees use for corporate communications.

What other services have encountered problems

Users also complained about problems with Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Facebook Messenger and services from Google and Amazon. According to Downdetector, complaints about problems in their work began to arrive at about the same time as complaints about the work of Facebook services. Failure in work observed and in Telegram, the company said that “the messenger works slowly, but keeps going.” It was also reported about a failure in the work of the social network “VKontakte”, however, the press service of the social network denied this information.

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Possible causes of failure

The exact cause of the failures is unknown. Brian Kress, journalist for The Independent writesthat the failure of Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram could have occurred due to problems in the operation of the domain name system (DNS servers). According to him, DNS records have been removed from the global routing tables. This prevents systems from finding the domains and Why DNS records could be deleted is unknown. Krebs believes that this was probably due to an internal update of the Facebook system.

Market reaction

Facebook shares fell 4.9% after US trading opened. By the close of trading, they were trading at $ 326.2 per share. The fortune of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg against the background of a global disruption in the work of the company and its social networks decreased by 5.11%, or $ 6.3 billion, follows from the Forbes billionaire rating, which is updated in real time.

The hi-tech NASDAQ stock index fell 2.46% amid reports of disruptions and slowed to 2.14% by the close. Shares of the social network Twitter, which was not touched by the global outage, lost 5.79% in value by the close. Google’s parent company Alphabet fell 2.11% to trade at $ 2,673.1.


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