GNTM 2023: Heidi kicks Bocklos candidate out of the show | Entertainment

GNTM 2023: Heidi kicks Bocklos candidate out of the show |  Entertainment

2023-04-20 23:27:15

She overestimated herself.

A walk was the “ Germany’s Next Topmodel” episode on Thursday evening for the candidates certainly not! Sat.1 news moderator Claudia von Brauchitsch (48) put them through their paces in the big interview – so much so that tears even flowed from one candidate.

And Anya (19) her aversion to training became her undoing this week.

Anya didn’t feel like practicing. And got the receipt for it

Photo: ProSieben/Richard Huebner

Interview tears at Selma

Almost all models are afraid of this situation: During the big interview training, they are not only asked difficult questions, but their social media pictures are also put to the test.

Sat.1 anchorwoman Claudia von Brauchitsch traveled to Los Angeles to prepare the models for tricky interview situations: “I don’t want them to feel comfortable and safe. They should have the feeling that someone is poking around and they become uncomfortable.”

Sat.1 anchorwoman Claudia von Brauchitsch felt Heidi's

Sat.1 anchorwoman Claudia von Brauchitsch felt Heidi’s “Meeedchen” on the tooth

Photo: SAT.1/dpa

Selma (18) in particular went nuts when the announcement was made: “It was such an energy that I got a little scared.” Coco (21) had to swallow first when von Brauchitsch accused her: “You look incredibly bored out of. Slightly blase, I would say.”

Brauchitsch found pictures of Selma showing her on luxury trips (Ibiza, Paris, Saint-Tropez). The presenter immediately wanted to know where Selma got the money for all these trips. She defended herself: “I just graduated from high school. I think everyone can live it up afterwards.”

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Apparently von Brauchitsch had hoped for more from an 18-year-old high school graduate – she lacked a vision for the future: “It’s too superficial for me. She did her Abitur, but after that she only partyed on Ibiza and on the Côte d’Azur.” Selma then shed tears, she struggled with her performance: “I screwed it up. That wasn’t Claudia’s fault. I portrayed myself that way.”

Anya refuses to practice

Shortly thereafter, Selma was happy again: she got a job for the beauty brand “Yeauty”. Anya (19) didn’t like it at all. She withdrew and quarreled with her fate: “I think it’s a shame that I wasn’t invited. That scratches the ego.”

Marielena (53) summarized what many of the other candidates also thought: “I can’t understand why she can’t be happy for other people. I do not like it.”

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However, Anya did not show any particular ambition when model Ashley Graham (35) wanted to coach the model candidates for the “comic catwalk”. Here the models were styled as cartoon characters and were supposed to pose to speech bubbles on the catwalk.

While the others practiced diligently, Anya was convinced that she didn’t have to: “I’d rather be inspired than put the whole thing into practice.” She already saw herself as a professional: “Because I already have a lot of poses in my head , I think I’m going with a serene feeling.”

However, after Anya’s performance, Heidi Klum reacted with a cold: “I don’t like the walk alone.” Ashley Graham couldn’t elicit any positive feedback either: “She’s rather average. She didn’t want to practice either.”

Wanted by Anya Heidi know exactly why she keeps refusing to practice: “If you have the opportunity to practice, and if you have someone new here who can teach you something new again, I don’t understand why you don’t have the chance uses?!”

Heidi's (r.) Star guest on Thursday evening: top model Ashley Graham

Heidi’s (r.) Star guest on Thursday evening: top model Ashley Graham

Photo: ProSieben/Richard Hübner

Also in the past Anya did not want to practice GNTM episodes and repeatedly explained that she simply had enough self-confidence. Now she justified herself with the exact opposite: “I wanted to take my chance, but somehow I didn’t dare.” She saw the reason in her opponents: “It’s not going well in the villa with the other girls. I just don’t feel comfortable with the other models. I don’t feel welcome.”

Off for Anya

In the end, Anya stood in front of Heidi and Ashley together with Mirella (20) – and their decision was clear. Heidi shared: “Mirella, you took the chance to practice. And again not you, Anya. Which really surprises me, because we’ve talked about it so often!”

Anya flew from the show

Anya flew from the show

Photo: ProSieben/Richard Huebner

For Anya it meant the end of GNTM – but her fellow candidates were not particularly affected. Only Marielena hugged Anya goodbye, who again felt unfairly treated: “I thought to myself that nobody would care that I was kicked out. I wasn’t the worst today, so it came as a big surprise.”

But it’s not just Anya’s return home: the other models are also boarding a plane to Germany. The casting week awaits them in Berlin.

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