GNTM model Anna Adamyan: Legal steps against Oliver Pocher entertainment

GNTM model Anna Adamyan: Legal steps against Oliver Pocher  entertainment

GNTM-Model Anna Adamyan |

Legal steps against Olli Pocher

She’s fed up!

Comedian Oliver Pocher (44) has made it his mission to make fun of influencers and smack them in the pan.

But at IHR he went over the top with it: ex-GNTM candidate Anna Adamyan (26). As a result, she had to go through insults and hostilities online – and that several times. Now the 26-year-old pulls the ripcord, takes Pocher to court.

On Instagram, Adamyan tells her fans that she will take legal action against a comedian

Photo: Annaadamyan/Instagram

In your InstagramStory Adamyan writes how difficult it was for her to take this step: “I struggled with myself for a long time and finally decided to show my backbone,” said the influencer to her 519,000 followers. Means: take legal action.

In her posting, she does not name Pocher – but it seems obvious that it is the comedian: he recently accused her in a posting that To cash in on her endometriosis and the miscarriage she suffered.

Adamyan explained shortly afterwards that he had taken one of her posts out of context – but the damage was done. Although the comedian deleted his post after just a few hours, the short time was enough to trigger a wave of hate comments.

Comedian and presenter Oliver Pocher makes fun of influencers in his “screen control” on Instagram. He didn’t stop at ex-GNTM candidate Anna Adamyan either

Photo: Marco Steinbrenner/dpa

“The current incident was not the first time,” writes Adamyan on Instagram. Last year, “said comedian” ridiculed her joy at her pregnancy. At that time she did not defend herself legally – “and regretted it to this day,” said the 26-year-old.

“Last time I didn’t act out of fear of his followers. Also out of concern that he will continue to pillory him. ”Now messages from other affected influencers have encouraged them to defend themselves against Pocher’s blasphemous attacks. The others have not done anything “out of fear” either.

Whether Adamyan will be successful with the legal action remains to be seen. The model is probably also simply interested in taking a stand against hate online and counteracting Pocher’s behavior. An apology from Pocher was recently missing.

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Ironic: Pocher himself recently had the Instagram star Fat Comedy (23) is suing for posting a video online of a small monkey being slapped by a large one. Shortly before, Fat Comedy had published a video in which he slapped Pocher during a boxing match in Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle. Pocher wanted to have the “monkey video” withdrawn from circulation by means of a temporary injunction and ban further publications – with success!

His lawyer argued, “My client is being reviled, humiliated and scorned – just to get more followers on Instagram.”

So Pocher knows pretty well what he can do to those he tears apart on Instagram.


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