Go on the attack: Prominent strikers in the Dream League

In 4 days the Premier League will be back in action and with it the Dream League of the Sports Channel and weSure. Once again, the coach who finishes the season in first place will leave with a prize that you won’t find anywhere else – a shiny new car!

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Thousands of surfers have already joined the game that drives Israeli football fans crazy, and just before the season starts, we decided to collect for you the list of strikers you can count on in the past season in the Premier League – get the strikers who will give you good numbers in the upcoming season:

Dean David
15 goals and 5 assists, price 13 million. Dean David was Maccabi Haifa’s first striker last season, but this is not expected to be the case this season after Carmel signed Pierre from the second division in France. Thanks to the European success, Bacher will be forced to make rotations in the league and David will see a lot of the grass this season as well.

Steep hacking
15 goals and 2 assists, price 13 million. Like David, Fritza also starred in the Premier League last season and he (like David) is not expected to be Maccabi Tel Aviv’s first striker this season after last January George Jovanovich landed in the team and in the summer Eran Zahavi arrived. It will be interesting to see the rotations of Ivitch in the forward section of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Itamar Shabiru
15 goals and 2 assists, price 9 million. Shabiro exploded in his first season in Kiryat Shmona, KSH will open the upcoming season against the newcomer to the top league Manes Ziona.

Igor Zlatanovich
12 goals and 3 assists, price 11 million. After an impressive debut season, Zlatanovic comes into the upcoming season after missing Europe due to injury but he is expected to take his place in Bnei Lem’s 11.

Alon Turgeman
11 goals and 6 assists, price 10 million. Turgeman had an excellent start to the previous season and led his coaches in the Dream League to an excellent start to the season. Will we see numbers from the striker this season as well?

Alan Ozbolt (moved to Hapoel Tel Aviv)
11 goals and one assist, price 10 million. Ozhbolt cooperated in an excellent way with Turgeman in Hapoel Haifa’s wing, and arrived as the most brilliant acquisition player in Hapoel Tel Aviv’s attack.

Nikita Rukavitsa
10 goals and 2 assists, price 12 million. Rukavica returned to Maccabi Haifa after a season in Hapoel BS, but due to the load on Maccabi Haifa’s wing, he is not expected to be used as a team player in most games.

Djorja Jovananovic
9 goals and 3 assists, price 14 million. As I recall, the Serbian striker arrived at Maccabi Tel-Aviv in January and since then he has not stopped making an impact and putting up numbers. In each of Maccabi Tel-Aviv’s games in the Conference League qualifiers, he is the striker who started the forward for the yellows.

Guy Melamed
9 goals and 4 assists, price 9 million. Melamed is the main executor of Bnei Sakhnin in the offensive part and it doesn’t look like this is going to change this season.

Shlomi Azoulai (striker)
6 goals and 4 assists, price 8 million. Azoulai will start the season as a player for Bnei Rayna, and after a relatively quiet season in Hapoel Tel Aviv, he is certainly expected to be the dominant man in the newcomer’s attack.

Jordan Shua
6 goals and 4 assists, price 9 million. Shua starts season 3 at Beitar Jerusalem and it seems that the combination with Yossi Abouxis does nothing but good for the striker, will he have more of an impact this season?

*The list only includes players who played in Israel last season
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