Goal fest with paper defenders

Real Madrid survived the worst night of their defense throughout the season. Two goals from Benzema and one from Vinicius give the Whites a chance of reaching the final despite goals from De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesús, Foden and Bernardo Silva.

Seven goals in the craziest game of the Champions they leave open the tie between two teams with heavyweight punching and paper defense. Guardiola y Ancelotti They were not able to hide the defensive shortcomings of their team and the match turned into a roller coaster that will turn the match at the Bernabéu into a final. jumped the Real Madrid with an eleven with three forwards that betrayed the desire to star in the match, to bite a City designed to attack that defend badly. But it was only a presumption, because in ten minutes the Guardiola they portrayed those of Ancelotti.

Two goals in ten minutes

The first at two minutes. Mahrez he drew an inward diagonal in which no one came out and the winger put in a pass that headed for goal De Bruyne entering only from behind before the passivity of Valverde y Carvajal. First blow already to the canvas. Eight minutes later, another play plagued by errors by the white defense caused the second. Militao he fell into the trap and went wide, where he allowed De Bruyne to cross into the heart of the area. There was superiority of the local forwards with Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva and Mahrez, while only defending Alaba y Mendy. The ball hit the near post, which was scored by the Austrian defender, but the madridista was very soft and allowed the Brazilian to turn and score the second. Touched, almost sunk.

Guardiola he had placed his players better on the pitch, with high pressure on defense and dynamism with the ball at his feet. those of Ancelotti they neither defended in low pressure nor pressed high. Ideal for the City to play to quickly reach the area of Courtois, who had too much on his back. He was very long in defense and very short in attack, where there was no news from the Madrid midfield, since Modric y Kroos were always marked, so they chose to arrive from the outside to Rodrygo o vinicius. The errors of Ederson they became Madrid’s best offensive resource.

Benzema to the rescue

If Madrid defended behind, City’s arrivals created problems for them. If he went out to press up, they beat him back with counters in which The foot He missed two resounding chances. Alaba he was able to score in a corner in which he went ahead of the local defense. Both defended very poorly and chances multiplied in both areas. in half an hour Carletto decided to relocate his people in a 4-2-3-1, with Valverde beside Kroos y Modric from three-fourth. The correction settled the team and in a long center of Mendy showed up Benzema, 40 goals this season already, to punish the local defensive weakness and reduce the disadvantage, putting Madrid in the game and the tie again. At the break, the whites had stopped the bleeding and had run 4.5 kilometers less. Slow and lazy.

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The second part did not start better, with a gross error of Militao at a crossroads that left only Mahrez ante Courtoisfinishing off the post, and the rejection finished it off alone The footbut Carvajal he took her out under sticks. The white defense was still a fair. Y Kroos can never play casemiro, for speed, aggressiveness and, above all, for attitude. And the pitcher returned to the source… In a ball out vinicius did not fight a ball that he recovered Fernandinho, and ended up centering to the small area, where he appeared only to mark Foden. Defensive call and goal.

Gift to Vinicius

But Madrid never gives up and from one defensive mistake they went on to another. viniciuswho was playing a disastrous game, left Fernandinho 50 meters from the area. The Brazilian started the diagonal, but no center-back came out to close him down and the winger (18 goals and 15 assists already) beat Ederson before the passivity of the defenders. They were two heavyweights throwing punches at glass-jawed opponents. And the whites again fit another crochet when in 73 Bernardo Silva unraveled the Courtois for the short stick in a play in which the defense stopped thinking that there was a prior foul, but the referee gave the advantage and the Portuguese was smarter. Madrid was famous, but if the white defense was a fair, City’s was a circus. And in a center to the area Laporte made a ridiculous penalty Benzema nailed to the panenka. The paper defenses shot the scoreboard with comings and goings. But as Ancelotti predicted, “the tie will be decided at the Bernabéu”.


MANCHESTER CITY: Edison (4); Stones (5), Days (4), Laporte (4), Zinchenko (4); De Bruyne (7), Rodri (6), Bernardo Silva (6); Mahrez (7), Gabriel Jesus (7), Foden (6). Coach: Guardiola (6). Substitutions: Fernandinho (6) for Stones (m.36), Sterling (sc) for Gabriel Jesús (m.83)

REAL MADRID: Courtois (4); Carvajal (4), Militao (3), Alaba (3), Mendy (3); Modric (4), Kroos (3), Valverde (5); Rodrygo (5), Benzema (6), Vini Jr (5). Coach: Ancelotti (5). Substitutions: Nacho (5) for Alaba (m.46), Camavinga (5) for Rodrygo (m.69), Ceballos (sc) for Modric (m.78), Asensio (sc) for Vinicius (m.86)

GOALS: 1-0, De Bruyne (m.2); 2-0, Gabriel Jesús (m.11), 2-1, Benzema (m.32); 3-1, Foden (m.51); 3-2, Vinicius (min.54), 4-2, Bernardo Silva (m.73), 4-3, Benzema, penalty (m.81)

REFEREE: I. Kovacs. (6)

CARDS: Guardiola (m.52) y Nacho (m.90)

ESTADIO: Etihad Stadium, 52,000 spectators


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