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Football changes its skin, stronger than alleged fashions or fanaticisms. The rules also change and the one that from 2019 allows you to take the goal kick inside the penalty area allowed an acceleration of the so-called “Construction from below”.

Statistics say that the hidden benefits outweigh the immediate risks (that is, many more scoring chances arise when the ball leaves the area instead of being thrown back beyond the half court), but it is the latter often that inflame the judgments. Because a goal taken for an error in the dribble can be expensive: that of Atalanta in Madrid does not fall into this series, because Sportiello missed the postponement, not a pass to a teammate. But it is still useful to ask yourself how much and how the last romantic role is changing: you don’t ask a little too much of these number ones. factotum?

Football, all the new rules are coming: from Var to handball to offside
The new rules: when you start

«The goalkeepers don’t hold back and always accept the challenge – he pressed Giovanni Galli, number one of the national team and of Sacchi’s Milan -: they know that they are now considered to be players of the movement who know how to save. Even if the priority remains to use your hands well to avoid goals, the ability of a goalkeeper to read the game and actively participate in its construction has become clear “.

The important thing is to agree on everyone, from comrades, to insiders, up to criticism: a mistake in construction cannot be compared to a duck with le mani. Or not? «I think it is right to think like this – underlines Galli -. Sacchi wanted me to stay out of the penalty area when the team attacked: against Lazio, Maldini lobbed me… Think of Porto’s goal against Juventus, and therefore of Bentancur’s back pass to Szczesny, even if the construction has little to do with it: the ball to the goalkeeper should never be given inside the mirror. Never”.

The job is getting more and more complicated and the goalkeeper’s companions have to take this into account. The mistakes made with his feet by Alisson of Liverpool – one of the most complete in the world together with a forerunner like the German Neuer of Bayern and the other Brazilian Ederson of City – are there to prove it. But if one is a high-level goalkeeper, he has learned to manage all kinds of pressure: “Yes, the mental question is fundamental – observes Fabrizio Ferron, for 15 years in Serie A with Atalanta, Samp, Inter, Verona and Como and for many years coach in the youth teams of the national team, now in the Under 17 team -. I work with very young guys, but already predisposed to the evolution of the game. The starting point must always be the ability to stay in goal and save, this must be clear. But today the goalkeeper is asked to be the extra man. And the more advanced ones are not limited to the ball, but to the search for filtering passes ».

However, if the goalkeepers who are less technically at ease are put under pressure, either by teammates or by opponents, the danger is lurking: “But football is going in this direction and we need a balance that is difficult to find in Italy – Ferron underlines -: the importance we give to the result often blocks the natural development of ideas and in this we should be freer. On the other hand there are also opposite forcings: ci we throw headlong into one thing, in this case the construction from below, and think only of that, often misinterpreting it: it must involve the whole team, not just the defenders and the goalkeeper ».

And if there is a mistake, however, it is always on the shoulders of the number 1: «But the boys are not afraid to participate in the game, they study, train, improve themselves. Even those not so young ». Whoever stops on the goal line is (almost) lost.

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