gokul-suresh-reply-to-a-comment-insulting-suresh-gopi-goes-viral | Gokul Suresh responds to mocker of Suresh Gopi’s new look; Viral

photo: instagram.com/actorgokulsuresh/

Actor Suresh Gopi’s son Gokul Suresh’s response to a post shared on social media mocking his new look has gone viral. His post included a photo of actor Suresh Gopi on one side and the face of a lion-tailed monkey edited on the other, with the caption ‘Can you spot two differences in this picture?’

Immediately Gokul Suresh came to Ram Gat with a reply. There are two differences. Gokul Suresh replied, “Your grandfather on the left and my master on the right.”

Gokul Suresh’s reaction was immediately delayed. Many people have shared this on social media.


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