“Golanchik Ers”: A fight broke out between the Yehuda commander and Golani fighters in Hebron

“Golanchik Ers”: A fight broke out between the Yehuda commander and Golani fighters in Hebron

An unusual incident in the IDF: A serious incident of violence took place today (Monday) at the Harasina outpost in the Jewish settlement of Hebron, between the deputy commander of the Yehuda Brigade and the RSP and fighters from Battalion 51 who man the outpost. An initial investigation of the incident revealed that the fighters beat the officer, in the rank of lieutenant colonel, with kicks and punches. However, it emerged that the officer also acted violently towards a soldier, who was unwilling to admit him to the outpost due to a previous conflict between officers in the Golani Battalion and staff officers in the Yehuda Brigade.

The investigation began when the brigade liaison officer called the deputy commander of the 51st battalion “Golanchik Ers” in the vicinity of soldiers who heard his words. As a result, the SMG issued an order not to allow the liaison officer to enter the outpost where the fighters serve. Today, after the incident, according to the version of the Yehuda Tehiva officers, the liaison officer arrived with the deputy commander of the brigade at the Golani outpost and immediately upon their arrival the violent incident began.

The soldier in the outpost’s SHG did not allow the officers, including the deputy commander of the brigade, to enter the outpost. Following the refusal, the commandant called the deputy commander of the battalion who told him that he could not enter. After the conversation, which was conducted in high tones, the deputy commander of the brigade demanded that the soldier in the SHG open the entrance gate to the outpost, but he refused to let the officers in.

At this point, a physical confrontation developed between the commandant and the soldier, when soldiers from the commandant’s police force intervened violently towards the fighter at the gate, and other soldiers and officers who arrived at the gate were called. Harif, which developed as mentioned, into a violent confrontation.

The IDF spokesman’s response: “The serious incident of violence that occurred today in the Yehuda Brigade is being investigated by the brigade commander together with Brigadier General Golani.”

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