gold rate today, gold price has fallen today.. jewelry buyers are happy! – small reduction in gold prices today in chennai tamilnadu 17 august

Good news for jewelery buyers today. Gold prices have fallen. It is better to buy jewelery before the price rises.

Price of jewelry gold!

In Chennai today (August 17), the price of one gram (22 carat) of ornamental gold fell to Rs.4,849. Yesterday it was priced at Rs 4,855. Similarly, 8 grams of ornamental gold which was sold at Rs 38,840 yesterday decreased by Rs 48 to Rs 38,792.

The price of pure gold!

The price of pure gold has also been reduced today. A gram of pure gold, which was sold at Rs 5,257 yesterday, fell to Rs 5,251 today. Similarly, 8 grams of pure gold which was sold at Rs 42,056 yesterday decreased by Rs 48 to Rs 42,008.

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Gold prices in other cities!

The price of one gram of ornamental gold is Rs 4,790 in Mumbai, Rs 4,795 in Bengaluru, Rs 4,790 in Hyderabad, Rs 4,808 in Kerala, Rs 4,805 in Delhi, Rs 4,795 in Kolkata, Rs 4,883 in Ossur and Rs 4,883 in Pondicherry. 4,883 also.

The price of silver!

Silver prices also fell. Silver price in Chennai was Rs 63.40 per gram yesterday. Today it has come down to Rs.63.30. A kg of silver is selling at Rs 63,300.


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