Golden State one step away from title

Led by a great Andrew Wiggins, the Warriors won 104-94 against the Celtics last night at the Chase Center in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. They lead 3-2 and will have the opportunity to conclude on Thursday.

The Warriors 48 minutes from a seventh title. Carried by a superhuman Stephen Curry on Friday, during Game 4, Steve Kerr’s men mainly relied on their defense to dispose of Boston (104-94) on Monday, at the Chase Center, in the fifth game of the NBA Finals. They now lead 3-2 in the series and will have the opportunity to conclude on the night of Thursday to Friday (3am), on the boards of TD Garden. Otherwise, the two teams would meet on the night of Sunday to Monday (2 a.m.), in San Francisco, for a match 7.

26 points and 13 rebounds for the excellent Andrew Wiggins, number 1 asset of the Californian franchise on Monday. “We are here and we are hungry, we want it“, he dropped on ABC. We saw that … 21 to the credit of Klay Thompson, 14 in 14 minutes for Jordan Poole and 8 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists for a found Draymond Green. Cold as an ice cube after his 43-point festival on Friday, Curry finished with 16 points at 7/22 on shots, including 0/9 from afar, but that wasn’t enough for C’s who lost 18 balls in this part. 27 points and 10 rebounds to the credit of Jayson Tatum, too alone offensively, despite Marcus Smart’s 20 points. 18 signed Jaylen Brown, but at 5/18 on shots and with 5 bullet losses.

A trench warfare

More physical despite coach Kerr’s small five, the Warriors got off to a flying start, with a dashing Green at the start, and derailed Boston’s attack (24-8), despite a discreet Curry. Not as much as Tatum, who lined up three baskets in a row to mark his awakening (26-14). This first quarter ended with Curry being denied a whistle at the circle, with 0”5 to play. Never mind, Wiggins got one 0.2 from the buzzer, provoking Udoka’s ire and a technical. Symbol of a one-sided start to the match (27-16, end of 1st QT). Only fly in the ointment, Looney’s third foul. If Boston found teeth in this first period in the form of trench warfare (32-18, then 32-26), the Dubs kept the reins until the break (51-39 MT). Wiggins, top scorer so far with 16 points, ahead of Tatum (13) and Curry (10). With an ugly 39% in shots, 44.4% in throws, 0 points in transition and already 9 ball losses, Boston was not there!

The walls of the locker room must have shaken: the C’s, led by an aggressive Tatum at will, put enormous pressure in defense on the restart. They returned 8 pluses in a row between the second and third quarters, after missing their first 12 of the match (!), in order to take the lead for the first time (55-58)! They stretched their lead to +5 (61-66), a delta of 21 points (+16 GS in the first period), as their hosts missed 14 overs in a row before seeing two fall, works by Thompson ( 67-68). The two teams went blow for blow in the last minutes of the third quarter until this crazy “buzzer-beater” with Poole’s board, after a rebound captured with 3”5 to play (75-74 end 3rd QT) !

Wiggins en patron

The starting point of a 13-0 (85-74), without Curry, allowed to breathe a little, but with Poole on fire while Smart lost his footing, the latter bailing out in quick succession of a technique and a offensive foul. Quite a symbol … Curry continued to water from afar but Wiggins, he pulled out all the stops. Exceptional in defense, reliable in attack: the former number 1 in the Draft signed a boss match (93-79). Frustrated, muzzled, dominated, the men in black had only the exploits of Tatum to hope for. But Green’s sixth foul, 3’01 from the end, didn’t change anything. Wiggins flew into the air for a super-powered dunk, Thompson was a string from afar and after Payton II’s tap, Idoka had seen enough: the Boston coach asked for a timeout, “garbage time” during the last minute 19 ( 104-88, then 104-94 final score). Thursday, the Celtics will have their backs against the wall, and the Warriors the taste of the title in the mouth. “I’m excited, this is the opportunity of a lifetime, I can’t wait to be there“, jubilates Wiggins, big man of the evening for the Dubs.


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