Goldknopf and Gafni signed: the roles they will receive in Torah Judaism

In Torah Judaism signed: Last night (Tuesday) at night, the agreement was signed between Torah Judaism and the Likud regarding the positions they will receive in Torah Judaism. According to the agreement between the parties, the party will receive two ministries, the Construction and Housing Ministry with responsibility for the Israel Lands Authority and the Jerusalem and Tradition Ministry. In addition to all that, the party will receive three more deputy minister positions and four committees in the Knesset, including the important finance committee.

“We have the honor to confirm that the positions offered to the Torah Judaism faction, according to the order in which the positions are distributed, are as follows” reads the document signed by Gafni and Goldknopf on the Torah Judaism side and Yariv Levin on the Likud side. The letter ends with the words: “We confirm our agreement to the above, beyond the above, we have no more requirements regarding positions.”

These are the roles they will receive in Torah Judaism:

  • Moshe Gafni – Finance Committee
  • Yitzhak Goldknoff – Minister of Housing
  • Uri Makleb – Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office will hold the ultra-Orthodox development and transportation portfolio.
  • Meir Parosh – Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage
  • Jacob Asher – Interior Committee
  • Israel Eichler – Labor and Welfare Committee
  • Yitzhak Pindros – Public Inquiries Committee
  • Jacob Tesler – Deputy Minister of Welfare
  • The full document photo: none

The agreement, only about the roles. The principles have not yet been agreed upon

The signed agreement includes only the roles agreed upon by the parties but does not yet include all the principles they insist on in Torah Judaism. The party says that tomorrow the talks with the Likud will continue on the issues that are still in dispute and that the signing comes only in order to request the extension of the mandate from the president.

Earlier it was reported about a serious crisis between Torah Judaism and the Likud, against the background of the re-enactment of the Tal Law, a law that is very important to Torah Judaism. Amit Segal published that Likud refuses to include the law in the coalition agreement out of fear that the enactment of the law will cause an image disaster for the coalition. On the other hand, some of the rebbes of Torah Judaism threaten that if it were not for the law, they would not sign the agreements with the Likud in the party.


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