Gomorrah and the Neapolitan: from “cazzimma” to “paranza” a glossary of the most used expressions

by time news

Gomorrah and the Neapolitan. There is no one without the other. But what we now hear about from Genni Savastano, Ciro Di Marzio and all the other protagonists of the series now known all over the world and dubbed in many languages, is a Neapolitan in step with the times. A sweetened Neapolitan, for an easier understanding by the spectators and which reflects the language – as recognized by UNESCO, which identified it as vulnerable in 2002 – which is now spoken in the neighborhoods and alleys of the third city of ‘Italy. A language or dialect, if you prefer, filled with references to foreign languages. But some terms, expressions, idioms or inflections have resisted. Here are a few.

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