Gonzalo Montiel, denounced for rape

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Gonzalo Montiel, right back for Sevilla and the Argentine team, has been denounced for alleged rape in his country. This was confirmed by the victim’s lawyer, Raquel Hermida, who accuses the player of events that took place in 2019. According to her account, the player invited the victim to meet his family, both playing the role of a couple. She told him that he was going to have a good time and insisted that he attend a party in the town of La Matanza.

After the sexual assault, the victim was unconscious and did not know how many people were involved in the rape. She was transferred to a hospital, where she took medication to prevent infection. The lawyer herself stressed that she “could have been drugged. At the party she had two ‘drinks’ and passed out. After her rape, she was left on the floor at the front door of the house,” she said. The complaint comes four years after the events allegedly occurred since according to the lawyer, her client “was even threatened by the soccer player’s mother,” she concluded.

The original complaint in a court in the municipality of La Matanza is being expanded these days due to those threats that, according to the lawyer, the victim received from the player’s environment, when he went to ratify the complaint of abuse.

As Hermida explained, the victim had maintained “a small, short relationship” with Montiel, who invited her to meet his family and insisted that she attend the party at La Matanza. The victim is a model and she does not drink alcohol, but when she drank two drinks “she was completely unconscious,” the lawyer insisted. Then “they left her lying around” and “she doesn’t know how many people were involved in the abuse,” added the lawyer, to whom the victim herself confessed that she also “didn’t know how she got to her house” from the aforementioned town.

Montiel, 26, played for the Argentine River Plate between 2016 and 2021, when he signed for Sevilla

Montiel, 26, played for the Argentine River Plate between 2016 and 2021, seasons in which he won a Copa Libertadores against Boca Juniors in 2018, two South American Cup Winners’ Cups, as well as a League, three Cups and two Super Cups. In August 2021 he signed for Sevilla, a club with which he still has a valid contract. As an international, he has participated in the three titles won by the Argentine team, the 2021 Copa América, the 2022 Finalissima and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in the final of which he scored the last penalty of the shootout against France, which was the victory for Argentina.

Other recent cases

On the other hand, Sunderland yesterday suspended Jack Diamond with immediate effect and terminated his loan at Lincoln City after being accused of rape. The English winger was having a good season in Ligue One, the one corresponding to the Spanish Second Division. He had become a key player on the team.

The victim would have received threats from the player’s environment, including from Montiel’s mother when she ratified the complaint

However, his future is now uncertain as he faces serious charges that could carry jail time. The English club did not want to specify what these charges were, although according to BBC Radio Newcastle one would be rape and the other sexual assault. Sunderland issued a statement stating only that the prosecution had brought criminal charges against their player.

These two cases are added to others in recent weeks. Dani Alves remains in a Catalan prison accused of raping a 23-year-old girl in December, at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. He faces a sentence of between 8 and 10 years in prison.

PSG player Achraf Hakimi is also formally charged with rape after allegedly sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl in Paris. The Moroccan would have kissed her lips despite her rejection, lifted her clothes and kissed her breasts and even inserted his fingers into her vagina.

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