Goods, cigarettes, non-vegetarian “Danger” : Rajini “Advice”

Goods, cigarettes, non-vegetarian “Danger” : Rajini “Advice”

CHENNAI: Alcohol, cigarettes and non-vegetarians are dangerous if taken in excess for a long time. Actor Rajinikanth said that it was my wife Lata who freed me from these and guided me with love.

Actor YG Mahendran’s drama ‘Sarughesi’ celebrated its 50th day in Chennai. Actor Rajinikanth attended as a special guest. Rajini said at the function:

My wife is the reason why I am still healthy at 73 years old. I used to say bad friends and bad habits. Both times when I was a conductor I was veg. You don’t know how many packs of cigarettes you’ll end up smoking in the middle of the night. If I was like that when I was a conductor, how will I be when my name comes to fame? Paya, appam, chicken 65, vegetarian in the morning will be sinful. I have told many people how they eat it.

Alcohol, cigarettes and non-veg are all three very bad things. I have known people who have taken too much of these three for a long time never lived past 60. There are many examples of this. I don’t want to say it with my mouth. My wife Lata was the one who loved me like that.

People who have this kind of habit cannot give up immediately. However, he changed me with love. He brought the appropriate doctors and gave advice. I thank him for this.

Rajini said this.

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