Google has exciting news for smartphone users: these are the changes for your benefit

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Starting tomorrow (Friday), application developers for Android devices, Google’s operating system for mobile devices, are required to meet new criteria that should make the use of applications more friendly for us, the users, according to updates that Google recently added to its developer policy page.

The first change that will go into effect tomorrow is a policy that Google calls “better ad experiences.” It prohibits the tiresome practice of displaying full-screen advertisements when using the application when the user does not expect it – for example, in the middle of a game, at the beginning of a new stage, or immediately when opening the application, even before its interface is presented. In addition, the company prohibited developers from displaying full-screen advertisements that do not include the option to close after 15 seconds, even if it is not in the middle of using the application.

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However, these rules do not apply to ads before, in the middle or after watching a video (ie: Google’s YouTube app itself is almost completely excluded from the new rules), to ads that are not displayed in full screen (ie banners will continue to interrupt when using apps) and ads that are shown at the end The use or the user chooses to watch them in exchange for extra lives or other virtual “grant”.

The second change coming to the store is clearer procedures regarding the management of subscriptions to services with a fixed fee. Now, according to Google, apps that offer a paid subscription must explicitly state how the subscription can be changed or canceled, and include on the settings page a direct link to the interface for changing the route or canceling the subscription – either through the management interface of the Google app store itself, or through the service website for developers Like Netflix and Spotify, which charge the payment not through Google.

However, Google still allows developers to choose how to manage cancellation of subscriptions: that is, while a subscription paid through its store is always canceled at the end of the billing cycle, so if the user cancels the subscription in the middle of the month they will not receive a refund, but will simply continue to enjoy access to the service until the end of the month, Companies that charge the payment by other means will be able to offer other cancellation conditions – for example: a refund of the balance of the month and the termination of the service immediately.

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