Google introduces Bard, an AI technology similar to ChatGPT, but can answer questions using the latest information on the internet.

Google introduces Bard, an AI technology similar to ChatGPT, but can answer questions using the latest information on the internet.

Feb 7, 2023

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, Google’s parent company, has announced an AI technology with language capabilities. Able to ask and answer questions under the name of Bard

Or to call it a simple picture, Bard is an AI which is a competitor of ChatGPT that was opened to the general public to try it at the end of last year..

According to Google, a limited beta of Bard will be available starting today. And will gradually open to the general public for trial “wide” in the next few weeks.

However, Google hasn’t provided much detail on what form Bard is capable of.
But it is predicted that Bard’s abilities will be released in the same format as ChatGPT developed by OpenAI.

But Bard’s ability to surpass ChatGPT is definitely answering questions using the latest information available on the Internet.

Unlike ChatGPT which is limited to use. Keep only historical data, which makes ChatGPT lack the ability to answer questions. with current

As an example of a question that Google gave an example, in using Bard, there are both ideas for food menus from available ingredients. or how to bathe a baby

Google also gives examples of using Bard to simplify difficult data by asking questions like “Describe a new discovery? of a James Webb television camera to a 9-year-old boy.”

– What does Google’s new AI launch tell us?

Today’s launch of Bard comes as a result of Google’s concerns over ChatGPT’s ability to answer questions.

Microsoft is also a major investor in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, and plans to integrate ChatGPT with Bing and other Microsoft services.

Until Google itself even had to have an urgent meeting. Adjusted the company’s AI technology development plan. To deal with ChatGPT

and in the end Google’s effort is to push Bard out for us to see today..

However, despite Google launching an AI capable of language, it is several months behind ChatGPT. But in fact, Google itself has always been developing AI technology internally. It just may not be open to the general public for testing.

In addition, in recent years, search engines such as Google have brought AI technology to help filter search results. to meet the needs of users more

What we find through Google is all there is AI behind it. Especially the selection of answers that users are curious about. displayed for immediate reading. without having to press into the website again


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