Google is said to pay a fine of millions in South Korea for market abuse

The Google app can be found on most smartphones
Image: Reuters

Because Google adversely affects competition, the antitrust authorities in South Korea have fined the equivalent of 150 million euros. The country is trying to curb the Internet giant’s market power.

Dhe US Internet company Google has to pay a fine of millions in South Korea. The antitrust authority is demanding around 207 billion won (150 million euros) because Google has abused its market power in operating systems and in the market for apps, as it announced on Tuesday. The authority had been investigating Google since 2016.

According to the cartel authority, Google impaired competition by preventing smartphone manufacturers from installing versions of the Google Android operating system that were adapted to their needs. The manufacturers could not have offered “innovative products with new services”. Google was able to consolidate its market power even further. The group has to change this.

South Korea is currently trying to curtail the market power of the two US Internet giants Apple and Google in the field of apps and games: The South Korean parliament recently passed a law that makes it illegal for developers to use a payment method specified by the company. This rule is also criticized in many other countries – for example in the USA and in the European Union.



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