Google is working on a new smartwatch – regardless of Samsung and Fitbit

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According to new estimates, Google is working on the development of a smartwatch from its product, possibly called Google Pixel Watch. According to sources, Google’s development team, which is working on Pixel products, has recently been working on the development of a new smartwatch which is due to be announced in 2022. The very idea of ​​Google with a watch made by it is not new and it was relatively expected that such a thing would happen. Except for Apple’s watch, most smartwatches work with Google’s operating system. While there are many more manufacturers that bring cheap watches to the market without Google’s operating system but this does not eliminate the possibility that many have been waiting for, A watch and operating system made by Google.

Also buying a company Fitbit By Google is not related to the move of Google and the new watch will not be any version of the Fitbit watch but will be a completely standalone product. It makes sense that Google would utilize the knowledge of Fitbit people in favor of the production of the new watch but at the moment it does not seem to be happening. What they do know is that Google will connect Fitbit together with the WearOS interface, a connection that is currently under the code name “NightLight“. Still Google acquired Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion and there is no reason why it should not connect the various systems.

Another player that is in the market and related to Google’s smartwatches is Samsung. This year Google and Samsung announced a new collaboration following which Samsung’s smartwatches will abandon the operating system Tizen And will use the operating system Google WearOS. Many thought that this collaboration would change things and that the watch would be more Google and less Samsung but that has not yet happened. At least from what it looks like at the moment, Samsung’s watches are more of a “Samsung watch” with Google’s operating system. So Google’s new watch is very mysterious and at the moment no further details are known except that its code name is “Rohan״.

Source: Business Insider

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