Google Pixel 7 Pro – Google Pixel 7 Pro appears in a leak that reveals amazing details about the screen

The leaks about the Google Pixel 7 Pro phone and the new series continue to emerge as today’s leak revealed new details about the Pro version, especially when it comes to the screen.

Google Pixel 7 Pro details

The new leak stated that the company is working on adopting a new screen for the Google Pixel 7 Pro, as the new S6E3HC4 screen will have the same resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels and the same refresh rate 10-120 Hz.

The new screen will be much brighter because it will allow the user to switch to 600 nits in manual mode, which is 100 nits more than the previous generation.

In automatic mode, it will hit 1,000 nits, up from 800 nits, and according to the source code that appeared in the leak, the screen brightness is expected to hit 1,200 nits.

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The source code also describes some additional features of the monitor, including support for HDR10 and HLG images. There is still no HDR10+ or ​​lower refresh rate, but there is a native 1080p mode, which should help reduce power usage.

Google has not yet specified, as leaks indicate that the phones will be launched in October, but this information is inaccurate and unofficial.

It is expected that more leaks about the phones will appear during the coming period, as the company is expected to share its promotional posters.

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