Google Pixel 7a mid-range new machine welcomes “unique” new color?There are as many as five colors exposed – Free Electronic News 3C Technology

Google Pixel 7a mid-range new machine welcomes “unique” new color?There are as many as five colors exposed – Free Electronic News 3C Technology

Google launched the Pixel 6a mid-range waterproof mobile phone last year, and it went on sale in Taiwan in July, with 6GB and 128GB, and the suggested price is 13,990 yuan. (Picture taken from Google’s official website)

Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O 2023, will be held on May 10. In addition to bringing a preview version of the new generation of Android 14 system to Android users, it is expected that a variety of new hardware products will be unveiled on the same stage. Among them, one of the most eye-catching focuses is the Pixel 7a new mobile phone, which focuses on mid-range and powerful camera positioning. It will usher in a number of upgrade highlights for flagship specifications, including: the screen refresh rate supports 90Hz, and the built-in memory starts from 8GB. , as well as the front selfie camera and main camera pixel enhancement.

According to foreign media MySmartPrice quoting whistleblower Paras Guglani in the latest report, Google’s mid-range new Pixel 7a, which is expected to be launched this year, is likely to be launched in as many as five colors at one go, and has a built-in storage capacity, except for the 128GB version. In addition, the option of a 256GB capacity version may also be added.

Google has always released each generation of Pixel flagship new phones, and A-series mid-range models, will launch a special color, setting off a wave of hot topics. Taking the Pixel 6a launched last year as an example, there are three colors. In addition to the common basic black and white colors, there is also a gray-green body with a texture of green.

Regarding the new Pixel 7a machine that will be launched in 2023, the whistleblower Paras Guglani did not name the special new color that will be featured this year, nor did he expose the rendering of the new color on the actual machine. He only said in his personal Twitter post that the Pixel 7a machine The body will come in five color options: Dinuguan Black, Mayo Cream’s creamy white, Crispy Kale’s turquoise like vegetable kale, Tide Orange’s trendy orange, and Vibrant Ube’s like taro or kale. Purple sweet potato is similar to purple. In addition to the basic black and white colors, the other three colors may be one of the candidates for this year’s mysterious and unique new colors.

Since Google rarely launches Pixel phones in as many as five colors in one go, the veracity of the above rumors is debatable. In addition, Google launched a limited edition orange color when it released its flagship Pixel 4 in 2019. Whether it will adopt a similar “limited edition new color” approach on the new mid-range Pixel 7a this year has also attracted great attention from the outside world.

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