Google reveals the movies and series we searched for the most in 2022

The end of the year is approaching and it’s time to remember the entertainment content that managed to stand out especially during 2022. With an unimaginable load of series and movies that we binge consume, it’s easy to forget what we even saw in the past year.

Google is now helping us to remember with the publication of lists summarizing the year in search, which reveal the most trending topics of the year in Israel.

The hottest TV series of the year

In the field of series, leads the list “Fauda”, whose fourth season aired on yes between July and September. Many surfers must also have looked for it to know when it will be on Netflix, when it is expected to be broadcast on the platform during January 2023.

While yes won first place, the channel that really stands out this year in the search is here 11, with four original productions starring in the list. “purist” in third place, “Manaiich” in fourth place, “Commander” in eighth place and“zero hour” in tenth place.

Netflix gets two representations on the list this year. the series “manifesto” Takes second place among the series we searched for the most in Israel. Netflix renewed the series for a fourth and final season after it was canceled by NBC. The series dominated Netflix’s top ten list for no less than 12 weeks.

The second Netflix series we looked for this year is of course “strange things”, ranked fifth. The fourth season of the series premiered in May, and quickly became the second most-watched television season on Netflix ever, behind the hit “The Squid Game” from 2021.

The full list of trendy series:

  1. Fauda
  2. manifesto
  3. purist
  4. Menaich
  5. Stranger Things
  6. the 90s
  7. Miller Junction
  8. The headquarters
  9. Euphoria
  10. Zero hour

The hottest movies of the year

Only one Israeli production entered the list of trending films this year – “good guys”, the comedy drama about an Ashkenazi-Mizrachi love story in the ultra-orthodox community, which settles for tenth place. Unfortunately, the chart is led by another dubious Israeli who interested us much more – Simon Leviev, aka him “The Tinder Scam” The movie about him is the one we searched for the most this year.

The film came in second place “Huda’s living room” of the Palestinian-Dutch director Hani Abu Asad, who directed “Paradise Now” winner of the Golden Globe Award.

Far above the superhero movies of Marvel and DC stands the little horror movie “Smile” which ranks third in the search list. But the superhero genre is of course the most popular quantitatively, with four comic book movies. Marvel and DC are evenly split with two movies each.

The new version of “Batman” with Robert Pattinson ranked fourth, followed by “Thor: Love and Thunder”the film that officially made the character the one to star in the most Marvel movies of her own, and the hand is still tipped.

Even before the next two comic films, the film takes sixth place “top Gun”which of course refers to the sequel “Maverick” Which was a huge hit this year, with over a billion dollars at the box office worldwide. But the search can also refer to the original film, which we must all have been looking for somewhere to watch before the release of the sequel.

They come after himblack man” and“Doctor Strange 2”. The children’s movie “Fire Red” of Disney and Pixar is placed in 9th place.

The full list of trending movies:

  1. The tinder scammer
  2. . Huda salon (Huda’s salon)
  3. Smile
  4. Batman
  5. A turn of love and thunder
  6. top Gun
  7. black man
  8. Dr. Strange 2
  9. fire red
  10. good guys

The hottest reality series of the year

The reality series dominated our searches this year, with two of them even entering the list of ten hot searches on Google in general. “big brother”whose 12th season was broadcast between June and September on Network 13, ranks first in the reality series chart and third in all Google hot searches.

Keshet 12’s dating reality show, “Wedding at first sight”, Takes the second place in the reality table and the eighth place in the Google hot search table in all subjects.

In terms of topics for reality series, it seems that all genres entered the table in a fairly similar way. We have three dating programs on the list (“Wedding at First Sight”, “new love” and-“the group”), three food programs (“The chef games”, “The next restaurant” and“Master Chef”) and two talent competitions (“Dancing with the stars” and“X Factor”).

The full list of trendy reality series:

  1. the big brother
  2. A wedding at first sight
  3. new love
  4. The chef games
  5. survival
  6. The next restaurant
  7. Dancing with the stars
  8. X Factor
  9. Master Chef
  10. the group

Google compiles the lists by examining the billions of queries it receives each year. The test uses an algorithm that compares the percentage increase in searches for a specific term over a specified period of time. These tools are available all year round and you can play, explore and learn from them at

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