Google stops the treats for employees: these are the benefits that will be lost

Google stops the treats for employees: these are the benefits that will be lost

Google and Facebook are getting rid of employees (photo by shutterstock)

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is cutting a serious chunk of its lavish employee benefits as the tech giant struggles to cut costs and keep pace in the ongoing race to develop advanced artificial intelligence.

The company will close some of its “micro kitchens” that were stocked with free drinks and snacks and shuttered cafeterias with lower foot traffic as part of an effort to streamline, according to a memo signed by Google CFO Ruth Porat and other senior executives. Google will also cut its expenses. on equipment provided by the company, such as personal laptops and more.

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“We have set a high bar for industry-leading benefits, perks and office services, and we will continue to do so in the future. However, some programs need to evolve in line with how Google works today,” the released memo said. Besides the cost savings, the managers said that “the changes will reduce food waste and benefit the environment.”

In addition, Google will try to improve the efficiency of its servers and data centers. The company is also looking at an “enhanced buying center” to help reduce the cost of supplies. “As we’ve stated publicly, we have a company goal of making sustainable savings through improved speed and efficiency,” Google said in a statement. “As part of this, we are making some practical changes to help us remain responsible stewards of our resources while continuing to provide industry-leading benefits, benefits and services.”

Losing fringe benefits could further damage morale at the company, which has long offered employees a host of fringe benefits, from free food to group ski trips. As the New York Post reported in January, Google laid off at least 31 massage therapists at its California site alone as part of its layoffs last January.

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