Google will decouple new emoji releases from Android updates

Google has unveiled an updated emoji design, which will appear along with the mobile operating system Android 12. According to the company, after the release of the new system, developers will be able to create applications in which the release of new emoji will not be tied to the version of the operating system.

Some emojis have been redesigned to be more inclusive. In particular, the pie emoji, which used to depict the typical US pumpkin pie, has become more abstract. The masked man emoji is no longer depicted with a sickly face. The new bikini icon is drawn as if the swimsuit is lying on the surface: the old image wrapped around stereotypically feminine forms.

Google also fixed logical errors in some of the images – for example, added blades to the scissors icon and removed the yellow dividing lines along the roadside in the image of the track. Car emojis have become more contrasting and have new proportions that allow them to be better seen in small areas.

Android 12 is slated for release this fall. Among the innovations of the operating system is a more rounded shape of interface elements and the ability to customize their color depending on the wallpaper. The system also received additional privacy features, for example, the ability to share only approximate locations with applications.

More details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Android will become more colorful.”



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