Gorbanko finished 3rd in the ISL

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(Swimming Association) | Photo: Sports 5

Anastasia Gurbanko and the Los Angeles Crant team tonight (Sunday) finished their second playoff encounter in the International Swimming League ISL. The Israeli swimmer was part of a particularly high-quality fight in the 100-individual medley, finishing in third place with 58.23, just 33 hundredths of the Israeli record.

The winner of the ointment was her teammate Brill Gastaldello of France with 57.87, while in second place, two hundredths ahead of the Israeli, came the American Bita Nelson. Gorbanko then finished in sixth place in the 400 individual medley with 4: 37.54.

In summing up the entire encounter the team from LA finished in third place, after London and Cali Condors, ensuring a dramatic final encounter and big battles for promotion to the final.

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