“Gothenburg’s Legal Department Seeks Temporary Archive Manager”

“Gothenburg’s Legal Department Seeks Temporary Archive Manager”

Looking for a challenging role? Our group is seeking archive administrators who possess good service skills, are responsible, and organized. The position is announced by the Legal Department, located in Gothenburg, Västra Götaland County, and will remain open for applications until April 12, 2023. The job entails managing and developing activities within registry, archive, and other archive-related matters. The ideal candidate must hold a high school degree, have experience of archives in public administration, possess excellent computer skills, be fluent in Swedish, and hold Swedish citizenship. In addition, candidates with education in archival science/archival and information science, experience in organizing and indexing archives or working with archival cataloging software, and expertise in administrative law proceedings are preferred. As an archive administrator, you will work independently but must also collaborate effectively with others and assist those who request documents from the archive. Apply for this special fixed-term position by emailing your resume and cover letter to [email protected] before April 12, 2023. Please indicate reference number A175.609/2023 in the subject line of the e-mail. The police authority, which values commitment, efficiency, and availability, offers you a diverse and stimulating workplace where you can showcase your skills and contribute to the police’s crucial mission of reducing crime and increasing safety in society.

Are you ready for a bigger task? For our group, we are now looking for archive administrators who are structured, take responsibility and have a good sense of service.


Legal Department




Västra Götaland county


29 mars 2023

Apply by

12 april 2023

Reference number


Job description

The legal department is one of ten national departments within the Swedish Police Agency. At the legal department’s office and the seven regional legal units, approximately 700 employees work with responsibility for a number of important functions in law, administrative law and archives and registry. The legal department’s mission is to be the guarantor of legal certainty in the authority, to create conditions for order and security in society and to secure the authority’s information management.

The information management unit is responsible for managing, developing and following up the activities within registry, archive matters and e-services. The advertised position is assigned to Information Management 1 at Law Section West, located in Gothenburg. Today, 2 archivists, 3 archive managers, 2 confidentiality managers, a management support and a group manager work in the group. The archives largely consist of criminal cases from the police’s criminal investigation activities from 1965 onwards, but also a large number of administrative cases and other administrative documents are stored in our archives.

You will come to a workplace where digital working methods and IT-based work are a natural part of everyday life. The police authority applies employee-driven development work that aims to increase your participation and influence as an employee. As an archive administrator, you will have the opportunity to work in an exciting authority in an important function where commitment, efficiency and a sense of service are fundamental.

Job description

The tasks are mainly order and list work. There may also be other customary archive information such as e.g. sorting in and out of documents, carrying out relocations of archive documents and carrying out prescribed thinning.


This is an opportunity for you who have:

  • high school education
  • current experience of working with archives in public administration
  • good computer skills and ability to familiarize yourself with new systems
  • good ability to express yourself verbally and in writing in Swedish

The position requires Swedish citizenship.

We see it as meritorious if, in addition to the above, you also have:

  • education in archival science/archival and information science
  • experience in organizing and indexing archives
  • experience working in archival cataloging software
  • experience in administrative law proceedings

Personal characteristics

Since it is largely independent work, we see that you are a responsible, structured and meticulous person. You are part of a team of other archive managers and archivists, which requires good collaboration skills. You must be able to perform some physically demanding work, such as lifting archive boxes. You are also keen to provide good service to those who request documents from the archive.

We attach great importance to personal suitability.

Contact persons

If you have questions about the assignment, you are welcome to contact recruiting manager: Henrik Svensson via email [email protected] or phone 072-515 24 78.

If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please contact the responsible HR consultant: Merima Hadzimesic via email [email protected] or phone 076-132 17 84.

Union representatives

Lawen Dehghani, Saco-S, tfn 010-5
Sofia Ask, Police Association, tel. 010-563 87 10
Pär Renberg, Fackförbundet ST, tel. 072-246 52 37
Karna Tillheden, SEKO Police, tel. 010-561 66 27

Other information

  • Form of employment: Special fixed-term employment (12 months)
  • Place of work: Gothenburg
  • Working hours: Flex time
  • Access: By agreement
  • Function: Administrator, archives

In your CV and cover letter, we would like you to describe how you meet the required qualifications and credentials for this position. The information you provide in connection with your application can be used to contact you, receive information and invitations as well as any employment documents.

Welcome with your application in the form of a CV and cover letter via e-mail to [email protected] no later than April 12, 2023. Applications for this position will only be received via the email address specified in the advertisement. Mark your application with reference number A175.609/2023 in the subject line of the email.

We place high demands on our employees’ security and privacy awareness. A security check with the register-verifiable Security Protection Act (2018:585) is carried out before a decision on employment is made. With employment comes an obligation to be deployed. Read more about military placement and security clearance under https://polisen.se/krigsplacering and https://polisen.se/sakerhetsprovning.

If you have protected personal data, references or similar information that you consider worthy of protection, we recommend that you send your application marked with the advertisement’s reference number A175.609/2023 by post to the address: Police Authority, Registrar’s Office, 106 75 STOCKHOLM, or contact the responsible HR consultant.

The police authority will process your personal data in accordance with the rules of the EU data protection regulation (2016/679) and other applicable data protection regulations. You can read more about our handling of personal data at https://polisen.se/personverbegde/rekrytering

Your application is a public document according to the principle of publicity.

The police authority

The Swedish Police Agency is Sweden’s largest authority. We offer you a workplace that stimulates diversity, creativity and personal development. With us, you get the opportunity to contribute to the Police’s mission – to increase safety and reduce crime in society. We conduct our business according to our core values: commitment, efficiency and availability. As an employee within the police, you act for equal treatment. It is a prerequisite for legal certainty, legal certainty and for the legitimacy of the police in society. As a representative of the police, you respect everyone’s equal value and create trust in the police.

Please read more about the police and our operations at www.polisen.se.

A warm welcome with your application!


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