Government doctor commits suicide by injecting poison at star hotel in Chennai || Government doctor commits suicide by injecting poison at star hotel in Chennai

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The incident in which a doctor committed suicide by injecting poison in the star hotel room of the Raipet Government Hospital in Chennai has caused a stir.

Record: November 25, 2021 20:35


Maheswaran, 34, worked as a general surgeon at the Government Rayapettai Hospital in Chennai. He has been staying at the Savera Hotel on Radhakrishnan Road, Raipet, Chennai since last evening. Fellow doctors who contacted Maheswaran, who did not show up for work at the government hospital this morning, said his cell phone had also been switched off. The doctors who contacted the hotel where Maheswaran was staying asked if Maheswaran was staying in the room.

Maheswaran was lying on the bed in a daze when the staff opened the room using a replacement key. Immediately after the Raipet police station was informed, the police rushed to the spot and took Maheswaran to the doctor. Doctors who examined him said Maheswaran was dead. Following this, Maheswaran’s body has been sent for autopsy.

Meanwhile, Rayapettai police raided the room where Maheswaran was staying and seized a syringe with a needle near his bed. The police investigation has revealed that Maheswaran had committed suicide by injecting himself with poison. Also, police seized a suicide note in a hotel room. According to the police, the letter stated that no one was responsible for his death.

Maheswaran was reportedly divorced a few years ago due to a problem with his wife and he is now living alone and his wife is living in Cuddalore. Police suspect that Maheswaran, who was suffering from depression due to a family problem, may have made this bizarre decision. However, his friends and fellow doctors are being investigated by the Raipatti police as to whether there are any other personal reasons.

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