Government plot against Tamils: Coalition MP public

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We have the right to pay tribute to the memory of every freedom fighter, Tamil nationalist warrior and hero who fought for freedom. You can not stop it. Not to be outdone, says Mild National Alliance MP S. Vino Noharathalingam.

Addressing a debate on the 6th day of the second reading of next year’s Pathet yesterday, he accused the government of deliberately banning Tamil commemorative events. He further said,

“As the courts in the North and East prepare to commemorate the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the cause, Heroes’ Day should not be observed by members of parliament, former provincial councilors, local councilors and many others who are committed to the cause of the Tamil nation. Are issuing restraining orders that should not be combined.

Not only here but also Tamils ​​all over the world will pay homage to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for our liberation during Heroes’ Week.

That is why we see here a disgusting regime in which the government plans to celebrate Heroes’ Week in Sri Lanka and ban such corona circulars.

There have been no corona infections, with millions of people taking part in recent protests.

But such barriers are being put in place as we set out to pay tribute to our martyrs and heroes in the North and East. ”

He also demanded that no ban be imposed on the remembrance of all those who took part in the Tamil struggle and lost their lives.


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