Government to anticipate tax on diesel

Government to anticipate tax on diesel

2023-06-05 13:10:59

Within the government, the decision to anticipate the partial reinstatement of taxation on diesel from September onwards is correct. A provisional measuresigned by Lula at the beginning of his term and approved by the Chamber in April, provided for the exemption of federal taxes on diesel by the end of the year, with resumption of charges only in January 2024.

Currently, PIS/Cofins rates on diesel are reduced to zero until December 31st. According to the new plan presented by the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, the reenactment would take place in two stages: in September of this year and, subsequently, in January 2024.


The change in the re-encumbrance on diesel occurs in the midst of discussions on how to offset the fiscal impact of the incentive program to “cheap” cars. The measure should generate approximately R$ 3 billion in new revenues this year.

This amount collected with the anticipation of the reencumbrance would be more than enough to offset the program’s tax expenditure, estimated at R$ 1.5 billion. The remaining amount would be used to reduce the fiscal deficit later this year.

The measure has already been authorized by Lula, according to the newspaper. Folha de S. Paulo.

Meeting to discuss program

President Lula will meet this Monday, the 5th, with vice president Geraldo Alckmin and ministers Fernando Haddad and Rui Costa. The meeting, scheduled for 9 am at the Planalto Palace, will serve to discuss the incentive program for popular cars and diesel recharging.

In the most recent version of the plan, the government would grant tax credits to automakers that offer discounts to customers instead of directly exempting taxes that affect the sector, as announced by the Ministry of Development, Commerce, Industry and Services.

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