Govt approves manufacturing of AK-203 rifles in Amethi

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Indian troops have been using INSAS (India Small Arms System) rifles for border security for the past 30 years. These rifles were manufactured in Trichy, Kanpur and Ichapur in West Bengal. Soldiers faced numerous problems when using these guns. Complaints arose that INSAS guns were jammed during the Kargil war. Following this, soldiers began to use A-47 rifles.

To find a permanent solution to this problem, the Indian Army decided to use AK-203 rifles instead of INSAS rifles. The first announcement in this regard was made by the Central Government in 2018. But the deal was pending due to the price of the AK-203 rifles and the technical transfer.

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The federal government has approved the manufacture of AK-203 rifles in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, after Russia cut prices slightly. Advanced Weapons and Equipment India in Amethi’s Corwa will partner with Russia’s Rosoboronexport to produce 5 lakh rifles at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore. The central government has said that this will provide employment to a large number of people and a contract to supply raw materials to small companies.

The Indian Army has selected AK-203 rifles for precision targeting and counter-terrorism operations. AK-203 rifles are designed with the latest technologies. Features include a customizable fast tag, excellent grip and the ability to aim precisely at the target.

AK-203 rifles are lighter and smaller in appearance than INSAS rifles. The weight of the INSAS rifle without the magazine and bayonet is 4 point 15 kg. But the AK-203 rifles weigh only 3.8 kg. The length of the INSAS rifle is 960 mm. The length of the AK-203 rifle is just 705 mm. The INSAS rifle can carry up to 20 rounds of ammunition and the AK-203 rifle can carry up to 30 rounds of ammunition. The target range of the INSAS rifle is only 400 meters. But the AK-203 rifle can also aim at a distance of 800 meters.

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