Govt re-spread: European countries in fear

by time news

NEW DELHI: While the spread of govt in India has slowed down, it is spreading fast again in European countries.

116 crore ‘dose’

Kovit, which started spreading from China early last year, has not yet stopped its pace. Vaccines have been invented to prevent the spread of goiter and are being distributed to people in many countries. In India, where Kovit faced first wave and second wave challenges, the epidemic has now been greatly reduced. 116 crore ‘dose’ has been vaccinated.

However, despite the vaccination, the spread of goiter has recently increased in many European countries. A full-scale curfew has been imposed in Austria. Crowds have been banned in the Netherlands due to the spread of the disease.

Germany is considering renewing a full curfew to control the spread of the virus. Several European countries have taken steps to prevent the spread of the virus. People living in European countries fear that a complete curfew may be imposed if the spread of the disease continues to increase.



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