Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Begins! – Prohibition effective from today

by time news

The organization of educational classes, lectures, seminars and training workshops targeting the candidates for the 2021 (2022) Grade 5 Scholarship is prohibited from midnight today (January 18) until the end of the examination.

The Scholarship Examination is scheduled to be held on the 22nd.

In this context, the ban on printing, distribution of fake question papers and the posting or possession of posters, banners by electronic or printed media has been extended.

Violators of this order will be prosecuted under the General Examinations Act, the Examinations Department said.

In the meantime, classes and other related activities aimed at 2021 (2022) GCE Advanced Level will be banned from midnight on the first day until midnight on the 5th.

The Commissioner General of Examinations LMD Dharmasena has stated this in a statement. The A / L examination will be held from February 07 to March 05.

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