GrammarlyGo, a function from Grammarly that does more than check spelling accuracy –

GrammarlyGo, a function from Grammarly that does more than check spelling accuracy –

Many people should be familiar with Grammarly together as an app and websites that can check the correctness of the sentence Or spelling in English, but for now, Grammarly is going to do more than that. with processing power through Generative AI new under the name GrammarlyGo It will be officially launched in April 2023.

by GrammarlyGo can learn Mood and Tone of the sentence depending on the situation from typing just a few sentences down And can give advice and points that need to be solved incredibly.

by the developer Grammarly Claims that it can help write and debugging in academic articles or Professional articles ever

Whether it’s adjusting the article to be long and quality, cutting it short but still retains the main meaning, tone or emotion in the sentence and can help put different types of ideas in articles

working principle of GrammarlyGo is to use AI to learn the sentence patterns that the user inputs or inputs, after which Grammarly will give suggestions as soon as we type the sentence. such as warning of mistakes, compatibility of words used, clarity of meaning and shortening sentences or verbiage out of context by crossing out / underlining with a red line on that word or sentence It can also work on both emails. Social media platforms and document programs

notice is that the printed sentence must have a fairly clear direction Because sometimes Grammarly doesn’t give good advice. Or suggest the positioning of the wrong word to If the user typed a vague sentence Not in any way because Grammarly will not be able to detect the context of the text.

GrammarlyGo It will be officially available in April 2023 for users of several sub-services of Grammarly, including Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, Grammarly Education, and Grammarly for Developers. Will start to use gradually in the next time


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