Granollers falls with their faces held high in the final of the European League

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2023-05-28 19:52:43

He Füchse Berlin was erected as an insurmountable wall for the Fraikin Granollers in the end of the European League. After completing the quest in front of the Flensburg and the Goppingen in the semifinals of the Final Four en FlensburgThe team of Anthony Rama He ended up giving in to the power of the German team, led by the ex-Barcelona Lasse Anderson, author of eight goals, who opened the gap at halftime (16-12) and ended up prevailing 36-31 in a second half in which neither team lowered the intensity and offered an enormous show.

He Granollers fell. But he did it with his face held high and a smile on his face, leaving an excellent image and with most of his youngsters on the field so that they could also enjoy the success of reaching the last rung and achieving the runner-up position (36-31 ). This was recognized by the nearly 200 fans who traveled to Flensburg to support the team and the more than 500 fans who followed the game from the Granollers Sports Hall.

With authentic world figures such as the German Fabian Wiedethe Danish Mathias Gidsel and Hans Lindbergthe Danish winger, ex Barça, Lasse Andersson (8 goals) and one of the best goalkeepers in the world like the Serbian Dejan Milosavljevicthe German team has been intractable for the men of Antonio Rama.

Even so, the great performance of the Brazilian goalkeeper Rangel Luan, that next season he will play for Bidasoa, together with the pivot Stephen Salinas (7 goals), who will also do it and, especially that one, a 39-year-old veteran. the side antonio garciaextraordinary, with 7 goals, has shown the great character of the Granollers

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Since 2007, a Spanish team has not reached a final of this competition. In the 2015-2016 season, the same Granollerswho won this competition in 1995 and 1996, came close to doing so, but lost to Nantes in the semifinals (26-27).

Füchse Berlin, 36 – Fraikin Granollers, 31

Fuchs Berlin (16+20): Milosavljev; Wiede (6), Vujovic (2), Andersson (8), Lindberg (6.3p), Gidsel (5), Marsenic (5), – net initial – Weber (1), Kopljar ​​(-), Holm (2) , Darj (1) and Lichtlein (0)

Fraikin BM Granollers (12+19): Rangel Luan (Guard,m. 34 to 39 and 55 to 60), Franco (4), Faruk (2), Gurri (3), Salinas (7), Antonio Garcia (7.1p) and Torriani (3) -seven starts-; Reguart (-), Friend (-), King (2), Rosemary (1), De Sande (-), Rock (1), Pebble (1p) and Castle (-).

Partial scoreboard every five minutes: 1-2, 2-3, 5-6, 8-9, 9-13,12-16 (rest) 14-21,16-25, 20-27, 23-31, 27-34 and 31-36 (final).

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