Grasso: “By abolishing the 2015 resolution, the doors of the annuity are also opened to senators convicted of mafia or terrorism”

The matter of annuities has always been governed by parliamentary regulations who have completely discretionally created the ‘annuity’ “. Nobody can question that it is a prerogative of the Councils of the Presidency of the Chambers to modify the matter that they themselves have created with creative work “, so in the Senate Chamber declares the senator Pietro Grasso (Leu), during the discussion on the motions on annuities.

“Rather than merely deciding on the case submitted for its judgment, the Senate judicial body has annulled the erga omnes resolution – added Grasso. something that can only be done by a contrary resolution of revocation by the same body that issued it “. And he continued: “Self-declaration cannot go as far as allowing a judicial body such as the Litigation Commission or the Guarantee Council to annul a resolution of the Presidential Council. It is as if a judge decides to repeal a law ”.

According to Grasso, then, the consequences are to be considered. “By completely abolishing the 2015 resolution the doors of the annuity are opened again not only to senators convicted of corruption but also of mafia or terrorism. I really hope it’s not an intended effect, just a distraction. For all these reasons, I consider the decision of the Guarantee Council profoundly erroneous from a procedural, substantive and political point of view, and I believe that the assembly with this motion can, as a politically sovereign body, induce the Presidency to intervene adequately to reaffirm their definitive decision-making prerogatives “.

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