Gratteri and the case of the preface: “I have nothing to do with denial, I reiterated the alarm about how the mafias are taking advantage of the pandemic”

“If you read the preface of the book, you will see that everything is there except denial“. The prosecutor of Catanzaro Nicola Gratteri there is no mistaking the existence of the Covid. Of course, it can be considered a trifle if one of the most exposed and committed magistrates fight against the ‘Ndrangheta wrote the preface of the book State massacre, signed by the magistrate Angelo Giorgianni and the doctor Pasquale Bacchus, known for their locations deniers e conspiracy theorists.

Perhaps it would have been the case to further investigate the theories of the two authors on coronavirus and discover, for example, that last summer Giorgianni, in a conference organized by Vittorio Sgarbi and during a meeting in the Chamber with the former M5s deputy Sara Cunial, had spoken of “health dictatorship disguised as democracy “, of”WHO accomplice of crimes against humanity “, going so far as to argue that” progress cannot be guaranteed by Mr. Bill Gates Oh yes BigPharma“And even that the” pandemic is an instrument of social engineering which was needed to carry out a global coup ”. Not to mention Dr. Bacchus who in October, during a demonstration in Taranto, had invited everyone to discard the mask.

Having said that, however, Nicola Gratteri he clarifies that he was asked “to make a contribution on the issue of Covid and its consequences. For me the theme it was not denial. I knew Giorgianni because he is a magistrate, he worked in Reggio Calabria and was Undersecretary of the Interior (in Prodi government I, ed). I did not know Bacchus. This is the first time I’ve heard it. Giorgianni asked me for this courtesy ”.

Courtesy, however, that the prosecutor of Catanzaro is keen to do not confuse with sharing of their ideas. Rather, “I accepted to write two pages because it was an opportunity to reiterate the concepts already expressed in my book Illegal oxygen. Concepts that relate to the alarm on pandemic related to like the mafias can take advantage dell’sanitary emergency”.

Contacted by, in fact, Gratteri recalls that in his office “they were bought thousands of masks and we are all vaccinated. Other than denial “. On the other hand, several times, the Calabrian magistrate underlined how he equipped the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the period of lockdown, with numerous dispenser of disinfectant in corridors e plexiglass in every office.

Reading the preface of the book, in fact, one cannot have doubts about Gratteri’s thought never denies the existence of the virus and instead focuses only on the risk that organized crime could take advantage of the pandemic by gaining what the prosecutor defines as “new room for maneuver”. “Italy and many other countries of the world – writes Gratteri – risk turning into an outlet on the eve of the sales, in which the mafia can afford to buy any commercial or productive activity. The shadow of the mafias, however, is not only projected in the acquisition campaign of businesses on sale. It aims at the resources allocated for the emergency, by the State and by Europe: where there is money and power, organized crime thrives. But beware, it is not just an Italian problem. It is no longer possible to consider mafias a socially and spatially concentrated phenomenon ”.

“In recent weeks, – the preface always reads – many observers, experts, men from the institutions, participating in dozens of debates, have highlighted how the mafia organizations are ready a extend its influence to the Recovery Fund, to the profitable market for false tampons, of fake medicines and gods fake vaccines anti-Covid. I have repeatedly stressed the urgency of doing. I am even more convinced of this, in light of the many setbacks that risk favoring the mafias, as has always happened with pandemic and the calamities of the past which ended up creating a sort of economy and politics of catastrophe ”.

All speeches in which there is no trace of denial. The issues addressed, in fact, are the same that the magistrate reiterates, on every occasion, since the pandemic exploded. It remains, probably, the inappropriateness to see the name of Gratteri next to the book State massacre. The book by Giorgianni and Bacchus which, thanks to the controversy over the preface signed by the prosecutor of Catanzaro, even ended up on the front page of the Sheet.


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