Great tuber:: The SOVD celebrated the potato at the Mittelfeld neighborhood meeting point

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2023-10-01 01:09:58

Get to the potatoes: Deputy District Mayor Gabriele Jakob got on the scales this afternoon (September 30th) at the Mittelfeld neighborhood meeting together with some colleagues from the district council. The German Social Association – Hannover-Süd Local Association (SOVD) wants to donate the total weight in the form of potatoes to the DRK’s food distribution. “A great campaign, we urgently need this food for those in need,” said Jakob, who also looks after the DRK food distribution.

On the last day of September, the SOVD celebrated its potato festival here in Mittelfeld. In addition to coffee and cake, there were freshly sizzled potato pancakes with applesauce. Live music was provided by the “DUO BP”, who mainly played popular country songs. The tables and benches behind the neighborhood meeting, including district mayor Antje Kellner: “I’m pleased that so many people came and that we have good weather,” she said.

Members of the volunteer shop “Willi” advertised their new “Repair Café” offer at the festival. Together with the Gnadenkirche and community work, a repair service will be offered once a month in the future. Volunteers who have technical knowledge are also being sought.

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