Green pass, demonstrations against the green certificate throughout Italy. Thousands in the center of Milan, contested journalists

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Afternoon of demonstrations throughout Italy against the obligation of the Green pass. From Trieste, where the Genoese dockers are also, a Roma, where the actor is also in the square Enrico Montesano, as far as Syracuse, thousands of people in the square chant the slogan that has now become a bit the symbol of no pass protests: “People like us never give up”. Numerous events in the north, from Aosta to Trento, Vicenza, Padua, Bologna. TO Milano an unauthorized procession is starting in these minutes – as has been the case since 14 Saturdays consecutive -, which is parading to the cry of ‘Trieste calls, Milan responds’: to participate, as in previous occasions, also militants of social centers and exponents of the extreme right united in the fight against the green certificate. In Rome the sit in is at Circus Maximus, where between tricolors and signs, there was no lack of whistles against Draghi e Lamorgese. In Ancona it manifests itself at the port and in the center. In central Italy it also occurs in another port city, in Civitavecchia.

MILANO – “Go away, servants of m…”, “Just tell lies. Journalists are infamous ”are just some of the phrases that some of the no Green pass protesters are addressing to journalists following the march underway in Milan. Main target of the protesters are i television reporters, more easily identifiable by the insignia of the warheads recognizable on the microphones. The procession crossed Piazza Duomo, already crowded with Milanese and tourists. About fifteen exponents of Do.RA, including the president Alessandro Limido. The community of the 12 rays of Varese, born from the union of Ultras 7 Laghi and Varese Skinhead in 2007, was put under investigation by the Prosecutor of Busto Arsizio (Varese) for attempted reconstruction of the fascist party. The slogan that is accompanying the start of the march is ‘Trieste calls, Milan responds’.

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ROMA – On the notes of the choir “Freedom”, the national secretary of the 3V Movement, Luca Theodori, took part in the no Green pass event organized in Roma, to the square Ugo La Malfa: “The green pass is from tear in general, not only that on the obligation to work. Now that we have finally rebelled, we cannot limit ourselves to just modifying it. We must call for the fall of this government. We are in the square to bring support to the port of Trieste. Trieste calls, Rome answers. The battle is won in all the squares of Italy. The important thing is to give a democratic signal. Going to the streets – added Teodori – will not bring down the government, a proposal is needed. The real battle must be fought in the parliamentary halls. Protests in the streets are not enough to bring down the government, someone speaking on behalf of the Italian people is not enough. We need a group. We need to start a project. Today we have chosen not to have party flags, but flags must be there. We need one flag representing a political project for all Italians “. The actor Enrico Montesano he was present at the demonstration and spoke: “I do not want to praise the police who used too strong manners in Trieste but the responsibility lies with those who issue orders. We could not go too far but whoever gave these orders is responsible for what happened ”. Words in defense of the agents met with a few whistles. Some demonstrators put up signs saying “Trieste calls Rome responds”. “The future is to create a new force that represents us” added Montesano. On the subject of vaccines, the actor said that “they protect but do not immunize”And launched the slogan, then chanted from the square,“ hands off the children ”. “We the dead respect them, it is they who do not respect them because they have left people to die alone in the hospital without even a relative ”, continued the actor. “It will be a peaceful demonstration without marches” Montesano assured, explaining that the sit-in was joined by, among others, the deputy Sara Cunial and the lawyer Edward Polacco which, however, will not be able to be in the square. “Vaccinated and unvaccinated we are all the same – said Montesano – enough with these divisions”. The demonstration, the news agencies write, has ended.

TORINO – A few hundred people met in Piazza Castello, in the center of Turin, to demonstrate against the Green pass for 14th consecutive Saturday. The interventions in solidarity with the Trieste dockers alternate with appeals to continue the blockades and the stories of lawyers and workers suspended from work because they do not have a Green pass. There were no tensions at the moment, but there was a heated discussion with a crew of the Tgr Piedmont, dismissed with the cry “terrorist journalists”.

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