Green pass for clubs, trains, cinemas: tight even in Italy?

Green pass covid mandatory to enter restaurants, cinemas or theaters, but also to take the train or, more generally, in all events or places where more than 50 people are gathered. France announces new measures and restrictions against the Delta variant of the coronavirus from 21 July and the debate between for and against is also ignited in Italy.

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The idea, for example, appeals to the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo: “I agree with Macron that vaccination is one of the keys to returning to normality. To convince the last diehards, use the green pass for this type of event it could be a good solution. It could also be a boost for vaccination “, he explained on Monday to the Tg2 Post on RaiDue.

The president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti is also in favor: “On the green pass I agree with France! As governor, how could I explain to citizens who have been vaccinated that they may have to limit their freedoms again, despite many sacrifices, because of of whom did he not want to protect himself? I got vaccinated. Like me, millions of people did it out of civic sense, for their own health and that of others. It is not an obligation but I think it is right, as France has chosen, to prevent access to bars, restaurants, cinemas and many other activities for those who do not have the green pass or at least the swab done in the previous hours. Because we have regained these freedoms above all thanks to those who did that vaccine. And it does not deserve today of having to give it up because of those who have been watching … and often criticizing, ”he wrote yesterday on Facebook.

Out of the chorus, the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini: “Vaccine, tampon or Green Pass to enter bars and restaurants? Let’s not joke”, the post on Twitter.

For the Pd deputy and head of Local Authorities of the National Secretariat Francesco Boccia, however, “at this point of the pandemic, with the Delta variant spreading, there are no alternatives: either green pass for all public events or vaccination obligation for all categories at risk. There is no third way, useless to go around it, the alternative would be the anarchy advocated by the denier right. In the United Kingdom, which many take as a model, they are going into crisis because infections are increasing precisely among those who do not is vaccinated or who has only taken the first dose. We continue with mass vaccination to stem the risks of the new variant “.

Contrary to the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana who yesterday, after what seemed to be an opening on the subject, specified: “I did not say that the green pass should be encouraged. I said that, where it has been foreseen, we are in a position to apply it , because our vaccination campaign is going very well “. “At the moment there is no need, also because the vaccination campaign is going very well and we do not need to use measures like the French ones to incentivize it,” he continued. “It is not that I ask for the use of the green pass to go to the restaurant. There are some activities for which the use of the green pass is required, but there are conflicts at the level of the Privacy Guarantor. Not more, but where it is already foreseen “, underlined Fontana.


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