Green pass, “in new yes to visits to relatives in the hospital”

“In article 4, letter b of the decree just passed by the government which regulates the use of the Green pass, patients’ relatives have access to the waiting rooms of the emergency rooms and hospital wards”. Sources from the Ministry of Health specify this.

Today the president of the senators of Italia Viva, Davide Faraone, and the president of the Health Commission at Palazzo Madama, Annamaria Parente, announced in a note their intention to write a letter to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. The senators claiming to be “alongside the president of Salvagente Italia, Mirko Damasco, who has been on hunger strike for days to allow family members to visit patients in the hospital”, had launched an appeal to the owner of Health “to review immediately the rules of access to hospital wards, perhaps through the Green pass, to immediately interrupt a modality that adds further difficulties to those who are already experiencing a moment of suffering “. Access with Green pass which – as the Ministry of Health clarifies – is already provided for by the decree.


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