Green pass Italy for stadiums, gyms, discos, trains and planes: towards the decree

of Monica Guerzoni and Fiorenza Sarzanini

If the contagions rise to risk the closure could be extended to the premises indoors

Sar a decree to make mandatory the green pass to enter all places where crowds can occur. Today, after analyzing the weekly monitoring data on the trend of the epidemiological curve, the government will finalize the lines of the provision to be discussed in the control room which will be convened next Tuesday. Within the majority the discussion is open on the list of activities where it will be essential to have the certification to prove to be vaccinated, or to be cured, or to have a negative swab in the previous 48 hours. But the choice made and will be operational by the end of July, most likely as early as next week. To worry about the rise in infections – yesterday 2,455 new cases, only 9 deaths – but above all the positivity rate returned to 1.3% due to the Delta variant. Pending the new parameters for the classification of areas at risk, some Regions – Sicily has already done so – decide to arm themselves with ordinances that impose buffers on those arriving from abroad. A situation that makes it almost obvious the extension of the state of emergency, expiring on July 31, for at least two or three months.

The divided majority

We look with concern at what is happening in the United Kingdom and in Spain, for this we need to accelerate, repeats in restricted meetings the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza who finds the support of his colleague from Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini. Lega leader Matteo Salvini continues to slow down: We will talk about it if and when the need arises. Now we ask for attention and respect for the rules, so that we cannot terrorize people ahead of time. So if there is a need, we will see whether to invest in safety. The parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement instead they ask that it be considered the solution only in the event of a significant increase in infections, in order to avoid a new season of closures and restrictions, but they also believe it is essential to introduce free tampons. To summarize the different positions will be the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, then the council of ministers will approve the decree.

Stadiums and concerts

Wherever there is crowds, the green pass will be mandatory. And it will make it possible for us to bring in more peoplein stadiums, at concerts, in show halls even reaching the capacity of 100 percent. Also indispensable to participate in public events and conferences.
Confirmed for banquets following civil or religious ceremonies. In this case the controls cannot be entrusted, at least for the moment, to the managers of the premises but checks are possible by the police and for those who do not prove to be in good standing the fine will be scattered.


You must have the certification for travel on long-distance trains and by plane, even if they are equipped with the vertical ventilation system, while the same measure is not foreseen for public transport. If a solution is not found on buses and subways, the current rules will therefore remain and the capacity will have to be limited, to ensure a distance of at least one meter between passengers.

Indoor restaurants

It will be the confrontation within the government control room to untie the knot on the obligation of green passes for indoor restaurants. It seems obvious that, in the face of a rise in infections such as to make risk the closures provided for the orange or red areas, we will choose to enforce the rule precisely to ensure activities continue to work.

Swabs and quarantine

The 5-day quarantine obligation for those arriving from abroad – Spain and Portugal in particular – it will be evaluated in the next few days by examining the epidemiological curve of those countries. In Sicily, the governor Nello Musumeci has already signed an ordinance that makes the tampon mandatory for those arriving from Spain and Portugal and for those who have stayed or transited there in the previous 14 days. A decision that could be taken by other regional presidents.

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