Green pass Italy up to 12 months, what the experts think

Green pass Italy extended from 9 to 12 months, yes or no? And is it really good for everyone? To answer are the experts – immunologists, virologists, hygienists -, who comment on the probable choice on the government table regarding the green digital certificate.

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BASSETTI – “I was the first to say that it was necessary to bring the Green pass to 12 months, so the hypothesis of an extension of the deadline seems to me a correct choice. Obviously this is only for those who are vaccinated with two doses, absolutely not for those who are recovered and has not yet immunized or has decided not to get the vaccine. For the latter, after the antibody verification, the duration of the Green pass could remain 9 months “, underlines to Health Matteo Bassetti, director of the clinic of Infectious Diseases of the San Martino Hospital in Genoa.

MINELLI – “From a strictly immunological point of view, we are not proceeding exactly according to the canons of personalized medicine. I understand that it can be difficult to create a Green pass ‘tailored’ to the conditions of the individual person, but we cannot ignore the different individual histories and the levels of immunity that have been achieved “. This was stated at Salute by the clinical immunologist and allergist Mauro Minelli, coordinator for Southern Italy of the Foundation for Personalized Medicine.

“One thing is the people who are facing cancer therapy or the immunosuppressed, for them they may need a renewal of the Green pass even at 3-6 months, the other is those who have had the disease and maybe even vaccinated. last, the duration of the Green pass could be even more than a year “, observes the immunologist.

“So the rule that the certificate lasts for a year or six months, from the point of view of clinical immunology does not hold, much less also for personalized medicine. Where possible, since we have the antibody monitoring tool, let’s use it and put it perhaps as mandatory. The local health authorities – suggests Minelli – could monitor the progress of the vaccine before deciding even when the third dose will have to be done, assuming that it will have to be done by force, and we begin to screen the various situations to evaluate the duration of antibodies and understand how long the Green pass can last “.

SIGNORELLI – “The proposal to extend the validity of the Green pass to 12 months has a scientific logic, there is an objective operational need and in the next 3 or 4 months there is also the hope that a more effective booster vaccine may arrive towards variants. For these three reasons I believe that a decision in this sense is right “, explains to Salute Carlo Signorelli, professor of Hygiene and Public Health at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan.

From the scientific point of view “there is no evidence that 9 months after the conclusion of the vaccination cycle there is no longer protection against severe forms of disease. We are now seeing it. Therefore, there is the scientific basis to be able to go in this direction. . From an operational point of view, then, it allows us to better prepare ourselves to possibly make the third doses. In September, in fact, we still need to do to reach that 80% ceiling “.

Signorelli stresses that “if it had been necessary to immediately take the third dose, because immunity proved no longer sufficient, then it would have been done: it became a priority. And he would have waited to vaccinate the boys. But if this, according to the data of science, it is not a better priority to complete the recovery of the categories not yet vaccinated and concentrate on the recall at another time, in three months “.

VAIA – “I am clearly in favor of extending the Green pass even beyond a year, certainly giving priority to vaccinated people in double doses (except those recovered who therefore need a single dose) but without abandoning the tampon”. The director of the Inmi Spallanzani of Rome, Francesco Vaia, underlines this, adding, “as other authoritative colleagues have been preaching for some time, it would be the case, especially in schools or other communities, to intensively resume tracing, an instrument that is always valid as we do. always supported “.

“We do not use shortcuts for surreptitious decisions but we leave science free to make its own contribution – recalls Vaia – A free science, I will repeat it to the point of being exhausted, by industrial or geopolitical interests”.


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