Green pass, Labor ad Accordi & Disaccordi (Nove): “The obligation for all workers? I am against it, it is a stretch”

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“The extension of the Green Pass for all public and private workers? I’m against ”. Like this Marco Travaglio, in the weekly intervention during ‘Agreements & Disagreements’, the political talk led by Luca Sommi e Andrea Scanzi aired on New he commented on the adoption of a measure that now seems to be upon us, a few hours before the Council of Ministers. For the journalist, the obligation of green certification is “A forcing” because “it does not exist anywhere in Europe, it does not even exist in the United States, where the obligation has been imposed on federal employees, but not on all workers. I believe it exists only in Saudi Arabia, so we enter the ‘Saudi renaissance’. I if I were in one alarming situation, where no one gets vaccinated, where we have a boom of no-vax scary, maybe I would also be ready to to justify a forcing of this kind – said the director de Daily fact – But since it seems to me that we are arriving with our times, which are not those that had been announced, but in short we knew that with a couple of months delay compared to the announcements of Figliuolo we would have more or less vaccinated 80% of the vaccinable population, i.e. over 12 years, frankly I don’t understand why throw this away cerino access in a haystack e to detonate further a conflict that until now had been avoided with persuasion. After all, if it were a necessary measure, Germany would have thought of it before us, for example, which has many more no-vaxes than us, not even mention it ”, concluded Travaglio.

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