Green pass, thousands in the square in Paris for protests: clashes

Riots and clashes in Paris, where thousands of demonstrators march in protest against the extension of the Green Pass. Security forces have had to use tear gas to keep groups of violent protesters at bay. Two officers on motorcycles were attacked by dozens of people, who forced them to leave.

Demonstrations also in other cities of France: in Marseille thousands of demonstrators of all ages took part in the march chanting slogans such as ‘Freedom, freedom’, or ‘Macron, we don’t want your Green Pass’ in an atmosphere devoid of the recorded tensions in the capital. “They want to force people to make a vaccine that is still being studied,” protests a protester quoted by ‘Le Figaro’. “I will not give the injection,” announces a 49-year-old nurse. “I will have to look for another job . My plans have changed but I’ll go through with it. ”

Protests against the new provisions on the Green Pass and the obligation of vaccination for health personnel took place in several cities of the country, from Lyon to Montpellier – where a group of television journalists were attacked and expelled from the place in where the demonstration took place – in Nantes and Rennes, Strasbourg, Lille, Narbonne, Dunkerque, Nice, among others. According to the police, over 100,000 people took part in the demonstrations.


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