Green pass to the restaurant, for food businesses it is better than new closures-

“Yes to green passes for private premises and transport, the irresponsible are isolated”. This is the position of Luigi Scordamaglia, managing director of Filiera Italia, to protect and support recovery and reopening after the “stop and go” caused by the pandemic that cost the horeca sector alone in 2020 almost 41 billion euros. A decisive endorsement to the choice of Emmanuel Macron in France which bound the release of the Covid green pass to the use of public places and environments.

“Italy is not undecided and follows the example of other European countries: the moment is extremely delicate for our sector, and the hint of a recovery in catering must be consolidated “they say from Filiera Italia and continue” we must avoid resorting to new restrictions that would decree the death of the sector and trigger a crisis in the related sectors , first of all the agri-food sector, which in the last year has suffered very serious losses, up to 40% for some supply chains, especially cheeses, cured meats and wine ».

Not just a collateral damage, in the present moment in which we are witnessing at the same time as the cooling of retailers’ sales and for the first time also of discounters ». “The real game of trust and the recovery in consumption is played from today, to get to the test bed at the beginning of autumn – says Scordamaglia – the tools to avoid hiccups exist, the vaccination campaign is bearing fruit,” do not waste time now, because the risk is to trigger a backward process and no one wants to risk being in the middle of summer in the same conditions as last October with sudden lockouts alternating with contingent openings ». And the managing director concludes, «whoever irresponsibly chooses not to get vaccinated should be penalized. As in all previous cases in history, an endemic disease can only be fought with the vaccine ».


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