Gressan (Aosta), entrepreneur Sandro Pepellin dies at work crushed by a concrete slab

An entrepreneur from Valle d’Aosta, Sandro Pepellin, 70-year-old former mayor of Jovencan and owner of a construction company, died in an accident at work in Gressan, near Aosta.

Entrepreneur Sandro Pepellin dies at work crushed by a slab

Sandro Pepellin he was crushed by a concrete slab that he was unloading at a construction site in Gressan.

Transported in serious conditions to the hospital in Aosta, he died shortly after hospitalization. The worker who was with him, Velio Dal Dosso, 51 years old, he is hospitalized on a reserved prognosis.

The victim was working on a construction site of his property for the construction of a b & b. The construction site was placed under seizure.

The dynamics of the fatal accident at work

They had to unload prestressed concrete slabs from a truck, when one of these, for reasons still to be clarified, slipped from the breeches that kept them tied and slipped out of the vehicle, crushing Sandro Pepellin e Velio Dal Dosso. A crane had to be used to free the two men.

“It ‘sa tragedy that left us all dismayed – comments the mayor of Jovencan, Riccardo Desaymonet – this was supposed to be his last construction site before retirement. Instead, a tragedy. He gave so much as an administrator for the country and was well liked by the whole community ”.

The prosecutor has opened an investigation.


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