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On Wednesday, the new artistic director Sergei Gazarov will be presented to the troupe at the Moscow Satire Theater. Alexander Shirvindt, who headed the theater for many years, left the post of artistic director, citing his venerable age. Now a new chapter begins for the theater. The rector of GITIS Grigory Zaslavsky told in an interview to RG about why Gazarov is the best candidate for the theater of Satire. We also took the opportunity to find out how he relates to the unification of the Taganka Theater.

Sergey Gazarov at the head of the Satire Theater, is this the right decision? Will he be able to manage two theaters equally successfully?

Grigory Zaslavsky: When the story of Shirvindt’s departure from the post of artistic director had already been launched relatively recently, it was Sergei Gazarov who figured as the best candidate. But something went wrong, Shirvindt stayed, and the Department of Culture offered him “in return” the orphaned Dzhigarkhanyan Theater. Of course, for Gazarov, the Satire Theater is a much more preferable option and the scale is more suitable. In this case, the Dzhigarkhanyan Theater can be put up for renovation, and then made a rehearsal stage or a small stage for the Satire Theater. I don’t see any problems here at all.

Another important theatrical news is the merger of the Taganka Theater. Was it an unexpected decision for you?

Grigory Zaslavsky: The theater section is drama for everyone, drama and loss – for actors, leaders and audiences alike. Here, even a comparison with Siamese twins would be incorrect, since a live theater, born, as happened with Taganka, as a team, a company of like-minded people, develops and matures as a single organism, which, as a result of a sad coincidence of circumstances, is suddenly cut in half, alive. Gubenko, who was not the initiator of the division, but agreed to lead the half of the troupe who did not want to go on a dubious economic experiment, was sure that, if not during his lifetime, such a union would certainly take place. I would like to wish Irina Apeksimova wisdom on the path of this unification, which today requires both delicacy, and in some ways, probably, decisiveness. And artistic will, and artistic goals.

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