Grillo confirms the double mandate, it is a storm in the Movement – Grillo confirms the double mandate constraint and in M5s it bursts the bomb’, sending the chats on which the confrontation ignites into a tailspin.

The risk is that anVietnam ‘in parliamentary groups, it is reported, between those who were elected for the first time and those who are in the second experience. A Vietnam that will also come to Conte, leader in pectore of the new 2.0 Movement. Why waste all the acquired knowledge? And what does it mean to ‘recover’ those who finish the second term? Among the valuable people Grillo, who has expressed full support for Virginia Raggi, he quoted Chiara Hangers.

Someone reacts by joking with a: ‘so bye’. But the underlying bitterness remains, as among those who ironically: ‘shall we begin to look around?’. The fact is, we still learn, that no one expected Grillo to return to this issue tonight, and many were surprised. For the Movement, this is an expected phase in view of the change that the former premier is working on.

A change that could also lead to a break with the Rousseau association di Casaleggio: Grillo insists on finding an agreement, but there are those who fear that on the horizon there can only be an end to the sound of stamped papers.

The guarantor, in the meeting dedicated to the start of the course on the ecological transition – which via zoom was attended by professor Marco Morosini, the minister Roberto Cingolani, and to which the minister would also be connected Luigi Di Maio – held the bar on the 2050 target. With Conte and with an agreement with the Center Left. Without specifying which are the subjects of this area to which it refers.

Count three days ago had a face to face with the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta. A first meeting to lay the foundations of that “construction site” for the construction of a “wide and open” field to which both aspire. In the meantime, the controversy over Renzi over the conference in Saudi Arabia and the possible conflict of interest do not subside in the M5s.

During the joint assembly of the groups that opens the course on Ecological Transition, the ‘elevated’ Beppe Grillo addressed the minister Roberto Cingolani and jokingly addressed him, ‘supreme’, then insisted: “Let the Transition enter the schools”. Grillo also praised Mario Draghi, saying: “He is not a banker as you might think, he is someone who sees poverty and knows what he is talking about and sees the future, attentive to the environment”.



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