Grimes and Elon Musk rename their child: one name, many question marks Entertainment

Grimes and Elon Musk rename their child: one name, many question marks  Entertainment

The names of her children are causing confusion again…

Elon Musk (51) and the singer Grimes (35) have two children together, whose names are at least as turbulent as the on-off relationship between the two. Not only is the choice of names for her offspring extremely extravagant, now the name of her youngest has simply been changed, even though the little one is only one year old.

When an interview in March last year accidentally revealed that Grimes and Elon had become parents again, the name of their daughter caused many to frown. Having already named their son (2) X Æ A-12, it came as no surprise to most that they also gave their daughter Exa Dark Sideræl a rather crazy and certainly unique name.

Not really together, but not apart either: Musk and Grimes’ relationship status remains a mystery

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But now the singer casually reveals on Twitter that her youngest has a new name again: “Her name is Y now, or ‘Why?’ or just ‘?’” What exactly is the question mark symbol supposed to stand for? The singer with the unusual taste explains that straight away: “Curiosity, the eternal question … and so on.”

The problem with the whole name story – and that you are seriously considering just calling your daughter “?”? “But the government doesn’t recognize that,” adds Grimes. Certainly only surprising for the singer …

At least the nicknames of her two children go particularly well together again, because back in 2020 Grimes revealed to the “New York Times” that she would only call her son “X”.

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What does Tesla boss Elon say about his daughter’s new name? Probably not much, because he has already made it clear in the past that he leaves the choice of names to the mother of his two offspring and that she too came up with his son’s crazy name.

At least the nicknames “X” and “Y” Papa Elon should be much easier and quicker to say than the original names of his kids…


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