“Growth in June at 27.7%”

The Delta variant of the covid in Italy “grew, from 5.2% in May to 27.7% in June”. Thus the president of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference on the data analysis of the COVID-19 regional monitoring of the Control Room.

“The trend of the different variants over the period from 22 April to 5 July it shows that the Delta and the Kappa are progressively growing, involving more Italian provinces“. The” Alfa variant “remains dominated to date, but the Kappa and Delta variants,” compared to 5% in May, are now 27.7%. Fifteen days ago they were at 16.7%. The Gamma variant remains important, the famous Brazilian, always circulating in our country, which stands at 12% “underlines the president of the Higher Institute of Health. Delta variant, however, “it is more transmissible than the Alfa variant. And model projections tell us that it will tend, in the coming weeks, to become dominated among the variants circulated in our country “. Finally, in June” the sequencing rate exceeded 6% and is clearly growing, “said Brusaferro.

“Last week we surveyed how the decline had stopped, today we censor the fact that there are more Regions that have started a slight regrowth“, Brusaferro explained, adding:”Infection tends to affect more and more of the young age, we are talking about a median age of 31 years, for those who contract the infection. But also for hospitalizations it begins to decline: the median age of those hospitalized is 52 years. The age of those admitted to hospital is also slightly decreasing, which is around 63 years old, while deaths remain in an age range of 78 years “.

The percentage of people in various age groups who have taken the first dose is growing. But there are many people who need to complete the vaccination course. And this is the challenge that awaits us in these days and weeks, also in light of the circulation and regrowth of the infections that we are taking a census “, explained Brusaferro, adding:”Rt, as we know, has a value of 0.66, which is growing slightly. But it must be taken into account that, in this epidemic phase, Rt takes into account symptomatic cases. It does not take into account the people who contract the infection, but they are asymptomatic. This is an indicator to be interpreted carefully in this phase in which we have many asymptomatic “.

“Most of the European countries – he explained – have a low circulation of the virus, however, there is the area of ​​Portugal and Spain which instead shows a high circulation this is reflected in the curves, in our country the curve is still flat“.


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